Launched a new cloud service to facilitate the work of freelance video editors

Запущен First Cut Pro – облачный сервис, позволяющий работающим дистанционно пост-продакшн-командам обмениваться последними версиями работы и комментариями онлайн. Сегодня в большинстве таких случаев используется электронная почта, однако First Cut Pro должен существенно упростить коммуникацию между членами команды. Все комментарии, оставляемые ими, автоматически привязываются к определённому времени в видео, а все изменения в самом видео отслеживаются с помощью специальных уведомлений.

Online video advertising has taken off, but the tools to manage editing the ads haven’t advanced much.
Content is usually produced and edited by far-flung teams of producers and editors who communicate by e-mail and phone calls.

The process of working in teams on a single video across multiple states, countries, and even continents can be a frustrating endeavor — especially when clients get involved to review and comment on footage. A new service called First Cut Pro (not to be confused with that Apple product) aims to make collaboration between teams that much easier, by incorporating smarter ways to give feedback and bring that directly into whatever editing system you’re working with.


Software co. First Cut Pro enters video editing market

Austin entrepreneur Taylor Hou initially developed software to manage interactive polls. Since then, however, it’s been reinvented several times into an entirely different business that’s now generating a measure of buzz in the local tech scene.
The five-person Rply Inc. has evolved into First Cut Pro, which now develops an online collaboration tool for post-production video editing. Its software today is designed to manage the process by organizing the feedback from several sources at once, much like project management software.

Editing video is tedious enough on its own, but it becomes a whole new world of pain when producers, editors, audio guys, and others are trying to collaborate on a single project.

That’s where First Cut Pro (not to be confused with Final Cut Pro) comes in. The software comes out of Austin, where the company won our TC Meetup + Pitch-off Competition, meaning that the First Cut Pro guys will be ready to roll at TC Disrupt SF in September.

But what is First Cut Pro? Well, in short, it’s a collaborative dashboard that lets multiple people work and give feedback on a single project.


First Cut Pro

First Cut Pro is a really cool service, which hit the scene earlier this year. It's a software package built to streamline the editing process. I have just finished producing a film, which was shot in Louisiana last Summer, and you know how it is…! The editor does his first cut; the director screens it; then the producers screen it and the executive producers screen it, and so on. Everyone has a different set of notes to give back to the editor. Well, this software package focuses on three important aspects of the feedback and approval process.

1. The collection of feedback

2. The organization of notes

3. The Integration into the current post production environment.


First Cut Pro Wins a Mario Award at NAB 2013

First Cut Pro wins a prestigious Mario Award at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas.

Organized in 1993, the Mario Awards were established to recognize products that represent significant technical breakthroughs—many of these products and services have gone on to significantly impact the future of audio and video technology. The awards are named after Mario Orazio, a pseudonym for a nameless engineer and a renowned technology columnist for TV Technology who pens the industry’s most widely read column “The Masked Engineer.” The awards are given out annually at the NAB Show to companies that demonstrate forward thinking and technical excellence in their products.

The StudioDaily Primes, sponsored by Blackmagic Design, were inaugurated in 2012 to spotlight engineering excellence, usability, and value in technology products shipped during the preceding calendar year. Judges were drawn from the ranks of StudioDaily contributors and evaluated entries based on the criteria of Power, Innovation, Value, and Ease of Use.

First Cut Pro win Studio Daily's Prime Award for Ease of Use

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